Welcome to the website of playwright Peter Gordon.

Peter’s plays have had around 2,000 professional and amateur productions world-wide. He is well known for his ‘Inspector Pratt’ series of comedy whodunnit spoofs, together with a number of other modern comedies such as ‘Third Week in August’ and ‘Par for the Course’.

On this site, you will find all the information you need about Peter’s plays. To browse them, simply select from the ‘Plays’ menu or choose from the title covers below.

There’s also a host of other features such as news, photos, access to marketing and production ‘freebies’.

You are invited to add entries to the
Petergordonplays Facebook Page, where comments, questions, or details and photos of your production, are welcomed.

Peter’s plays are published and licensed in the UK by Josef Weinberger Plays. On the ‘Plays’ pages you will also find links to information about obtaining scripts and licensing in other countries.

You might also like to take a look at the News and Blog pages for updates on Peter’s latest writing activities.

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