Out of Focus

Cast: 4 male, 5 female.
Set: Single interior. Church Hall, present day.

A new, updated version of the play was published in August 2009.

An unfortunate over-booking of the Church Hall results in a gathering of a wonderful mix of local characters, ranging from Evonne, the nervous Vicar's wife, to Leonard, a man intent on delivering a talk on steam locomotives to anyone who will listen!

Eventually they all unite to produce a pantomime but, as rehearsals proceed, alliances are forged and switched as the opening night looms. Events culminate backstage after the final performance.

A backing track of the song ’Super Day’ can be accessed and down-loaded for use in the performance of the play:
Super Day

An image of the ‘Extract from Village Newsletter’ is available, for use in your programme or publicity material: Newsletter

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